Thursday, July 31, 2008

Senior 2009!

I had a great time this evening with Chelsea and her mom! We had a fun time on our "little town" adventure! Here are a few of the shots that I took while we were out and about. Thank you both for being such great sports and for playing follow the leader so well! ;-) I bet you haven't done that since grade school and here you are all grown up and I have you acting like a kid again! My advice to you...never out grow being silly and having fun! You will have plenty of "grown-up" things to take seriously from here on out. Enjoy!

Copyright Amber Wiseman 2008


Anonymous said...

Amber or I so love to call her April Ha Ha!!! You were so wonderful!!! I have never seen a photographer get into her work like you do!!! You make people have such fun while taking pictures. We appreciate everything you did for Chelsea and accomidating a Mama who just enjoyed being there!!!! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

I continue to enjoy your photos as they are so unique. I'm waiting for some new ones on our family site.