Friday, May 29, 2009

Kaylin & David Are Married!!!

I would like to congratulate this couple on there new marriage.  They have been together for several years and are now husband and wife.  Despite the hot weather, their wedding was gorgeous.  Kaylin made a beautiful bride and the bridal party was a treat!  They were fun in every way....I hope that you enjoying seeing some of the captures of your day.  The first few are from her bridal shoot which were done at a home near the North Fork Catawba River. Thanks again to Irene for the use of her was gorgeous as always!!!

You've got to love her pink pumps!!!

Kaylin has the most stunning eyes!!!

The ring bearer!

Shot through the door window of the church...I love it!

What a beautiful cake she had, maybe I could tell people that it was mine...W (Wiseman) ;-)

Copyright Amber Wiseman 2009


MPH Photography said...

Beautiful shots, beautiful wedding. Love the pink heels shot.

Dani said...

Wowza girl. Gorgeous. You always have such wonderful ideas for your weddings. I LOVE that shoe shot...just fantastic. And the bridal shot is just beautiful, she does have stunning eyes!

evie said...

Gorgeous!!! I love all of these shots! That cake is amazing!!

christina said...

#8, 10, & 13 are ridiculously creative! you go girl- these are super!

Stacey Lund said...

Gorgeous! I love the fist one.

Jenny Jardine Photography said...

WOW! Amazing shots! I love the one with her pink pumps, very creative!!