Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Best Gift...

that I ever got,
didn't really weigh a lot.
It didn't have a ribbon 'round and
it sometimes made a terrible sound.

Best of all it seems to me,
it wasn't neath the Christmas tree.
Yet, I guess I'd have to say...
that it made all the other presents twice as gay!

The best gift that I’ve ever known,
I'd always wanted most to own.
Yet, in my dreams of sugar and spice
I never thought it could be so nice.

The best gift that I could ever get
was sometimes dry and sometimes wet.
It was usually pink, but oftentimes red
as it lay so innocently in its bed.

The best gift of the year to me,
the one I hold most dear to me,
the gift that simply drove me wild
was a tiny new born child...

Artist: Barbra Streisand

Copyright Amber Wiseman 2008

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