Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I remember how exciting it was to me when I first started planning my own wedding. That has been 9 years ago now...my how the time flies. Anyway, this couple reminded me of how young and new everything was. How it felt to be "getting married" and to just be starting out together. Marriage held a lot of "firsts" for me as I know it does for so many couples. Nikki and David are right in that exact spot! That happy blissful one that is so exciting. Congratulations to you both. Cherish this time!!!

Copyright Amber Wiseman 2008


Nikki said...

You were so awesome to work with! The pictures turned out great! We love them. Thank you for all you have done. God Bless!

Dani said...

Gorgeous Amber!!! I'm especially lovin' that last one! :D