Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Growing Older!!!

Birthdays, aren't they great? Well they were when we were kids and I know that this guy just celebrated another one and I'm sure it was thrilling! I know what his mom is thinking, "where has the time gone?" I think that same question when I look at my own children. I remember the year that my mom turned 40, that was the same year that I turned 21 (yeah I have a young, totally cool mama)...she told me that my birthday was harder on her that year than her own was. My turning 21 was more saddening to her!!! I think that as our kids grow we as parents lose something....that is why it is so important that we capture them just as they are. I think sometimes we fear that we will forget the little things about our children: like the smile that belongs only to them, the innocence and love that their eyes hold, their ever changing look of maturing and growing. Again, that is why capturing those moments only help us to remember them in years to come, so we will never forget! I hope that I have capture this moment, this 12 year old moment, in time just for you. Happy Birthday...to son and mom both!!!

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